Postr adds video to its platform and expands abroad

Opt-in mobile ad serving platform Postr has been pretty busy of late. After launching Skinny Collect late last year, it’s now launched a lock-screen video format, doubled its subscribers in the past six months and is expanding into South East Asia.

Postr, a Wellington tech start-up serves ads to peoples’ android phones if they download the app. Users get paid (up to $30 per month) for allowing the ads to appear on their lock-screen, and in turn Postr gets paid by advertisers for distributing the ads to its user-base.

Its new video format kicked off with Speight’s ‘We Will’ campaign.

In a release Postr’s newly-appointed chief operating officer Roger Shakes says showcasing the Speight’s campaign is a great way to kick off activity on the new advertising platform – “Of those people who started the video, which was more than a third of the total audience who saw the ad, more than half completed the video.”

“Just like our other products, it’s intuitive, non-intrusive and just really easy to use. With one touch you will get a full screen video right on your lock-screen.  Our new video platform will allow Postr to attract a different level of marketer and open the platform for the increasingly popular medium of online video,” he says.

Video is becoming increasingly necessary for advertisers and publishers alike, with Forbes reporting in the US, brands and agencies are expected to up their programmatic budgets from $630 million in 2014 to $7.43 billion in 2017.

From June to July 2015, Nielsen reported that over 25 percent of New Zealanders watched online video each week, with twice as many Kiwis owning a smartphone and a tablet compared to the same period a year ago.

Shakes says Postr has doubled its subscribers over the past six months to over 40,000 and grown its team to eleven full timers.

“Alongside our great foundation here in New Zealand, we’re establishing good relationships with telcos and looking to extend our offer in Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia amongst others in the future,” he says.

“People live on their devices and brands need to be where people live. Postr is a more elegant solution for reaching people on mobile than most of what’s out there. I see expanding Postr as a professional challenge, and one I think will change the digital ad industry.”

Shakes says much more is planned for the next few months – with some big announcements coming up in the near future. “We’ve been quietly busy on a number of fronts. Watch this space.”

Last year, Postr teamed up with Skinny, so customers could either receive 200mb of data or 200 minutes for allowing ads to be served on their lock-screens.

Postr founder and director Milan Reinartz told StopPress Postr is also looking to partner with another telco. “We are currently working on distribution deals with a number of major telcos in New Zealand and beyond,” he said, but he wouldn’t disclose who Postr was in discussion with. 

Postr has been downloaded 42,000 times, according to Reinartz, and as of October last year had paid out close to $70,000 to its users.

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