Pitchblack launches ‘Before Cow’ goat’s milk

Agencies are good at telling clients how they should spend their money, but Pitchblack Partners believe in the potential of ‘Before Cow’ (BC) goat’s milk so much that they’ve taken a significant stake in the pioneering business.

Pitchblack’s Jono Key says: “A chance meeting three years ago has led PB to collaborate with the owners at Oakdale Farm to bring an amazing product to market. 

“From the brand name, logo, bottle design, supermarket sell-in, to the ATL campaign, we’ve been at the centre of branding and building this product.”

The brand story is simple: thousands of years ago, no one milked cows. So when your ancestors needed fuel, the family goat was the source of A2 milk that’s high in vitamin A, naturally homogenised, better for people with cow’s milk intolerance, and better for the environment.

9,000 years later, BC goat’s milk has launched in Auckland supermarkets – with plans to go nationwide. New Zealanders drink 400 million litres of milk a year, but with so much pressure being placed on the dairy cow industry, consumers are desperate for alternative milks with less environmental impact.

Key adds: “In order to change Kiwi dairy habits, taste is king, and the truly special part to BC goat’s milk is the taste. Use it wherever you’d normally use cow’s milk: cereal, coffee, baking, luxurious milk baths like Cleopatra.”

Oakdale Farm’s Matt Bolton says: “To see six years of hard work on the supermarket shelves of New World, Countdown and Pak’nSave is incredible. The PB team have become my marketing team and business partners and we’re looking forward to changing the face of NZ dairy.”

BC goat’s milk is currently available in 45 Auckland supermarkets.

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