Phoenix promotes the power of positive juicing with cautionary, drug-based tale

With a tongue in cheek riff on Eastern Bloc sporting stereotypes (and particularly shotputting drug cheat Nadzeya Ostapchuk), Phoenix Juices and Assignment Group are aiming to show that its Organic Good Energy drink offers all the buzz, “but without all the teeth grinding, wall-smashing and three year competition bans.” 


Starring ‘female’ heptathlete Estra Gen (no word on whether there’s a follow up starring American hurdler Tex Tosterone), the online film shows the ’Latgovian’s’ fall from grace—and her remarkable transformation back to sexy, unhairy distinctly feminine health as a result of swapping one performance enhancer for another more natural variety. 

“Why is it so good? Maybe it’s because it’s full of the stuff I’m not used to like additives, artificial sugars, taurine, glucuronolactone, EPO, human growth hormone, you know that sort of thing … Or maybe because it’s full of juice. Not the juice I injected on a daily basis in my 36th floor apartment in my beloved Latgovia, but real juice from fruit grown on trees.”

Phoenix is owned by Charlie’s, which has also been talking up its healthiness in recent campaigns via Assignment Group. As a major player in the juice market, its work has been more earnest, but Phoenix, which was purchased by Charlie’s in 2007, is still most definitely a challenger brand, so there’s a bit more leeway for gender and drug-based tomfoolery. 

The film was shot by Gary John of Waitemata Films.  

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