Peter Myles out – “bureacracy” wins

Peter Myles, director of Omnicom Media Group, is to step down this week.

A leading figure in New Zealand media buying, Myles is a “victim of bureaucracy” according to former media boss Martin Gillman.

In 2007 Myles was appointed executive director of OMG (at times styled as Opera) a jointly owned entity buying media on behalf of DDB and Clemenger BBDO.

OMG quickly became the largest media outfit in the country, acquiring Spark PHD, Total Media, M2M (formerly Mediawise) and OMD.

Andrew Reinholds, managing partner at OMD spoke briefly to StopPress to confirm the news.

“Peter is one of the originals, one of the real founders of media in New Zealand. He’ll leave a big gap and we wish him well,” says Reinholds.

StopPress understands there’s no immediate replacement in his group role.

Martin Gillman, former managing director of Total Media, now owner of MGGcomm, says the Opera model, successful in large markets such as the UK, never really worked in New Zealand.

“The group is largely dysfunctional, with each of the media brands competing fiercely against one another. It’s disappointing. I don’t think Peter has been able to realise the synergies that they had all hoped for. He has become a victim of bureaucracy.”

Gillman has high praise for his former competitor and peer. “Peter is a legend. He was instrumental in creating media as a separate industry in New Zealand. He made media grow up.”

Myles career began at Oglivy (we think) followed by Colenso. In late 1900s he launched Media Directions, the precursor to OMD.

Former Colenso colleague Mike Hutcheson describes Myles as a “prince among men … an icon of the industry … and a giant among dwarves.”

Often lionised for his florid prose, Hutcheson prophesises a bright future for Myles.

“He’s only in his mid-fifties, so he has as much of his  working life ahead of him as he does behind. He’s got a lot more things to do.”

At press time we had not yet spoken to Myles, but we’ll be sure to get him soon.

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