A peek inside the NZ Marketing Awards Issue

The new edition of NZ Marketing has just hit our desks and it’s being couriered over to our subscribers across the country. There’s an interesting story behind the cover of this edition of the magazine. To bring to life the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards theme, we froze a trophy in a bucket of water. Then, working closely with photographer Bryce Carleton and designer Wade Wu, we set about chiseling away at the hunk of ice until we were satisfied that we had a shot worthy of the cover. Suffice to say there were some frost-bit fingers in the photography studio that morning.

Here’s a timelapse of the process: 

On the mind

The current generation of young people has been dubbed the most anxious in history, with studies showing levels of anxiety at an 80-year high. So, what does this mean for the workforce? And what can bosses do to be more understanding? Three people, all coming from different perspectives, offer their views on the current state of mental health in advertising and media.

The stories behind the greatness

This year was the 26th edition of the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards, which in turn means the latest round of winners have added to a quarter century of marketing history. This event has always been about digging deeper and finding the strategy beneath the surface. It’s about clients who have the vision to turn their brands into long-term successes. And this certainly comes to fruition as we tell the stories behind each of the successful entries at this year’s edition of the awards. 

Brand perceptions

We flip the script from our ‘Agency Perceptions’ research to find out what agency heads think about some of New Zealand’s biggest brands. TRA once again provided their research expertise and the findings it makes for interesting reading. Not only does this section plot many of the nation’s major brands on a single chart, it also digs deeper, rating how brands across different categories are perceived in terms of strategic thinking, creativity, effectiveness, future-focus, digital nous, how traditional they are, and whether they’re disjointed or cohesive.

Pick up the latest issue to find out which major retailers are represented by the colours in this graphic.        

Too many cooks?

In the wake of a flurry of recent agency/client retainer relationships coming to an end and big consultancies enhancing their creative chops, our deputy editor Erin McKenzie goes behind the scenes to find out why more clients are playing the field and focusing on projects and what the impact is on brand and customer experience. This grunty piece is really about who owns strategy at a time when the industry is quickly evolving.  

Would you rather?

Working with the team at SSI, we decided to have a bit of fun by playing a game of ‘Would you rather?’ with a panel of 532 New Zealanders. The challenging questions showed that New Zealanders, both young and old, are pretty attached to their technological devices. Here’s a taste of the choices the panel was forced to make.


Horse’s Mouth

Chinese Herald owner Lili Wang has a classic immigrant story. She arrived in New Zealand with nothing but a ceaseless ambition to make something of her new life. And she has done just that, commencing her career in banking, starting her own business and eventually purchasing the Chinese Herald. She sits down to chat with NZ Marketing and says her sights are set on building a bridge between the Chinese and what she calls “mainstream” communities in New Zealand.        


As is the case with all each magazine, we again asked a few experts in the industry to pen their thoughts on some of the big issues facing the industry. This time Kiwibank’s Regan Savage, FCB’s David Thomason and TRA’s Colleen Ryan drop the tools for a moment to give us an idea of what’s keeping them awake at night.

  • Even if you don’t end up reading the whole magazine, it will look pretty good on your coffee table. So if you like what you see, grab a subscription here

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