Eat the ice cream

Ice cream, it’s a delicious frozen treat that’s typically presented in a joyful light, but that’s not the case for Halo Top. The ice cream brand has opted for an unsettling and creepy ad instead.

Directed by YouTuber Mike Diva, the ad delves into a dystopian future in which everyone you love is gone and there’s only robots and ice cream left.

It watches as a robot force feeds a woman ice cream by serving it to her on a spoon and convincing her that as a human she requires ice cream. It’s when she refuses to eat any more and hits the ice cream out of the robot’s hand that the uncomfortable truth about her reality comes to light.

Adding to the discomfort of the video is a happy song about ice cream playing in the background and the polite tone of the robot that soon turns to one of anger.

But at least the robot doesn’t go so as far as this violent baby feeding machine.

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