Pead PR mourns the death of co-founder

David Paine, a leading figure in the PR industry, passed peacefully at home on Wednesday 15 March 2017.

Paine was one of the founding members of the Pead PR team alongside owner Deborah Pead and made his mark in guiding and training the “peadies” in the art of storytelling.

He was instrumental in many of the brand campaigns Pead PR worked on but the one he was most energised by was ‘Stop Stealing our Harbour’.

A keen sailor and a passionate Aucklander, Paine was outraged by the way the Ports of Auckland tried to sneak through a non-notified consent to grab more of our harbour and quickly turned into a raging activist. He loved that campaign and was proud of his role in its outcome.

Friend and colleague Deborah Pead said: “David was totally dedicated to Pead PR and was very proud of what we have achieved. He was still doing a few hours a day – from his hospital bed, up until very recently. He loved our brand of storytelling and teaching our young colleagues how to write effectively.”

Paine was famed for his command of the written word and would regularly pull colleagues and clients into line for use of poor grammar.

“In the sixteen years we have been in business, more than 150 young PR practitioners have been influenced by him and they will all remember his perfection for grammar with great fondness.”

He was also a great calming influence in times of issues. When bombs started dropping, ‘DP’ would calmly gather the facts, prepare the statements and provide a battle plan to end the war. 

Paine was one of life’s gentlemen, a good bloke who will be remembered not only for establishing and upholding Pead PR’s standards but also for his kind heart and loyalty.

“When news of his illness spread, we were inundated with messages and tributes from present and past colleagues,” continued Pead. “All, without exception, praised the impact he has had on their careers. The consensus was he always had time to answer a question on grammar, read a pitch, help with a release or challenge a headline. He was a shoulder and an ear and nothing was too big or too small for his attention.”

Paine is survived by his wife Ingrid and four children, Daniel, Tom, Nicky and Anna.

Last year, the career copywriter built a new home with his wife Ingrid by the ocean in Beachlands to spend more time on his beloved boat.

Paine loved sailing and the water and was also a keen surfer, describing himself on Twitter as ‘writer, waterbaby, husband, father, grandfather’.

A funeral will be held for Paine at St Aiden’s Anglican Church, 5 Ascot Avenue, Remuera, on Monday 20 March at 2.30 pm

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