Pead announces new brand identity, We Are Pead

The leading PR company announced this morning a bold rebrand, We Are Pead, with the new brand promise set to ‘provoke action’.

Taking on 2020 in its stride Pead Pr, now We Are Pead, has come out with a new brand identity while also bringing its large list of clients and brands into the new ‘provoking action’ stance with it.

Along with the revamped ethos, We Are Pead has a bold and bright new visual identity, one with a touch of 90’s nostalgia, along with substantial investment in video content, an internal communication programme, and a brand-new website. The video below is a clear example that the old Pead has moved to make way for a bright new future.

The simplicity of the name and case studies show that We Are Pead’s new outlook is cutting through the chaos. We Are Pead also reflects the agency’s belief that our perception of PR itself needs to change; empowering communications agencies to produce ideas spanning paid, owned and earned channels – and challenging the traditional agency landscape and marketing framework.

“It’s time for that to change; a PR agency is the best placed to fully develop and activate campaigns that to push boundaries and embrace the flux of the world,” says founder and CEO Deborah Pead.

“Provoke action is a demand we make of our work and a challenge we give to our people. We want to create provocative work that excites people to act, rather than creating meaningless noise. There’s no point filling pages of editorial within a newspaper, or investing thousands in social content, if it’s not moving people to action.”

We Are Pead has shown its new identity through a range of examples for its clients, including New Zealand Fashion Week, Puma, Peroni and Xero.

Director of integrated strategy, Kelly Grindle, says although the rebrand has been in the works for some time, the decision to pull forward the release into lockdown was a purposeful move.

“We decided to do it now, mainly because Covid-19 is going to lead to a whole raft of new ways of working. It’s going to have an impact on agency, it’s going to have an impact on marketing, people are going reevaluate agency relationships, and there will be reevaluations of budgets. So it wasn’t the plan to launch during this period, but we think it could prove pertinent.”

Grindle comments that the new name is more set to encompasses the wide offering We Are Pead offers.

“When people hear the term ‘PR’ it doesn’t really encapsulate the full suite of tools we have at our disposal. People hear ‘PR’ and they think of just media relations, but that is the very base of what we do and although it will always maintain a crucial component, there is so much more work we do. So we thought it was a timely launch.”

Grindle says the reevaluation of businesses coming out of lockdown is what We Are Pead hopes to get in front of and lead businesses through.

“We wanted to make sure the market understands our position and the offerings that we have. We’re one of the biggest agencies which means we’ve been able to invest in a really strong senior leadership team across a range of disciplines. This brand refresher is partly about telling that story.”

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