Paper cuts and chocolatey evil

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Who it’s for: New Zealand Book Council

Why we like it: Colenso and London’s Andersen M Studios worked for eight-months to bring Maurice Gee’s Going West to life in an attempt to promote more reading. Everything in the moody, beautiful film is hand-made/cut, the level of intricacy is amazing and one of the interns was almost set on fire during filming. Artisanal advertising at its best.

Here’s what New Zealand Book Council chief executive Noel Murphy said about it: “The idea that lies at the centre of this project is that reading surprises, delights, challenges and ignites the imagination. We wanted to grab people’s attention for just one moment and direct them to the adventure that can be had in one’s own head at the flick of a page.”

Youtube Video

Cadbury certainly hasn’t had too many positive mentions in 2009, but at least the anthropomorphic chocolatey Christmas characters on its ad elicit a chortle or two. This is the first time a TVC for the festive seasonal range has been on air and it continues the theme started with DDB’s Cadbury Easter TVC ‘Hiding Spots’.

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