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Michael Bay, the typically over the top director whose filmic style is probably best described as oversexed soap-operatic with explosions has taken it to a new level of cheese with his new Victoria’s Secret commercial, tongue and cheekily (we hope) referencing the teasing movie trailers he’s so adept at creating.

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Whatever the direction of his oeuvre, Bay has stated proudly in the past that he makes movies for 15-year-old boys. So this effort filed with scantily-clad vixens, jerky camera movements and a few gratuitous pyrotechnical displays should certainly impress the fan-base.

Screen shot 2009-12-09 at 3.16.10 PMHow things have changed in the world of underwear advertising (speaking of which, cricketer Mitchell Johnson has been signed up by Jockey to be Australia’s grut-wearing version of Dan Carter).

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