One down, two up for 2013 awards season

Some good news, some bad for industry awards, with record number of entries for both the CAANZ Media Awards and the Canon Media Awards, but a death in the family with the cancellation of the New Zealand Television Awards. 

ThinkTV, the convenor of the 2012
New Zealand Television Awards, announced the end of the annual Awards last week following discussions with its major partners TVNZ and MediaWorks. 

“The awards have been through some
turbulent times in the last few years with the loss of a key sponsor in 2011
and with the Screen Directors’ Guild of New Zealand pulling out of what was the
joint Film and Television Awards at the beginning of 2012,” says a release. “ThinkTV, on behalf of its
members, would like to thank the judges, contestants, associated sponsors and
the many others for the time and effort they have contributed to making the
awards the success that they have been for the last five years.” 

There doesn’t seem to be any danger of that happening to the CAANZ Media Awards, with 294 entries received—a 26 percent increase on 2012—making it the highest ever haul in Media
Awards history. 

“This is a great result that reflects the health of the
industry and the importance of the CAANZ Media Awards,” says Paul Head, CAANZ chief executive.

Preliminary judging begins in Wellington on Tuesday 26 February and is followed in Auckland on Wednesday 27 February. Following the successful application/nomination process
introduced in 2012 for preliminary judges, applications flooded in almost as
fast as the entries. Extra judges are required in 2013 to take
account of the increase in entries and numbers have been boosted by the
nomination of clients onto the preliminary judging panel. 

A maximum of five finalists per
category will ensure that only the best entries get through to category round
judging which takes place in Auckland on Wednesday 6 March. The
CAANZ Media Awards Committee is currently in the process of selecting the
category judging panel, which will be made up of media agency personnel and
clients/media owners. Successful category judges will be notified later in
the week.

As part of the on-going evolution
of the Media Awards, CAANZ is re-introducing the additional level of executive
judging in 2013. The panel will comprise the team
leaders from the category round judging who will review all metal winners to
ensure consistency of awards across categories. Winning gold entries will then
be forwarded to the panel of international judges to award Best in Show.

The creative theme for Media Awards 2013, developed by JWT, is the Media Renaissance, celebrating a golden age of media discoveries and channel exploration. 

CAANZ and MediaWorks have also started another search for
the industry’s most inspirational leaders, with nominations now open for the
Inspiring Individual Award. Nominated by
their peers, the Inspiring Individual is the “unsung hero” in an organisation; the
person who inspires others with their generosity of spirit, patience,
willingness and passion, and who is integral to the company’s culture and

“Through this award, MediaWorks honours Sandy’s Smith’s business philosophy
and values, and celebrates like-minded individuals within the industry,” says MediaWorks TV director of sales and marketing, Liz Fraser. “Sandy was with MediaWorks for 13 years
and in her role as business development manager, she shared her knowledge and
time with colleagues and many other people in the industry, helping others to
succeed in their own careers.”

Organisers of the 2013 Canon Media
Awards are also gearing up for a standout celebration of the New Zealand newspaper
and magazine industries this year, after primary sponsor and organising body, the Newspaper Publishers’ Association, received a record number of entries from press photographers, journalists, feature writers, artists, designers and subeditors. 

The Canon Media awards represent an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate
outstanding achievements across the newspaper, magazine and online news media
landscape, says NPA editorial advisor Tim Pankhurst, who was recently named as the new chief executive of New Zealand Seafood and will take up the role in April. 

“The bumper number of entries demonstrates
the power of print journalism,” he says. “The Canon awards celebrate the stories and
photos that entertain, inform and inspire millions of Kiwis every day. At its core, the awards benchmark
the vitality of print journalism—and this year’s record haul of entries is
testament to the ongoing trust Kiwis place in their papers and magazines.”

This year’s event is being held on May 10 at
the Pullman Auckland and includes more than 60 awards including the coveted Canon
Newspaper of the Year, Newsstand Magazine of the Year and Reporter of the Year

CAANZ Media Awards Preliminary Judging Panel

  • Al Jamison
  • Alan Oliver
  • Alana
  • Alex Radford
  • Alysha Delaney
  • Amanda Cater
  • Amanda Murphy
  • Andrew McNally
  • Andrew Reinholds
  • Angela Spain
  • Anna
  • Annabelle Wilkinson
  • Annemarie Browne
  • Barry Williamson
  • Blair Alexander
  • Brett Wilson
  • Brid
  • Bridgette Franklin
  • Camille Turton
  • Cat Groombridge
  • Craig Delaney
  • Craig Spillane
  • Craig Thompson
  • Delina
  • Denelle Joyce
  • Derek Lindsay
  • Desiree Hales
  • Donna O’Keeffe
  • Eddy Whatt
  • Emma Bolser
  • First
  • Fleur Herscott
  • Gerard Watt
  • Gill Stewart
  • Graeme Underwood
  • Grant Maxwell
  • Harri Owen
  • Jacquie Pierson
  • James Roberts
  • Jane Hitchfield
  • Janisa Parag
  • Jo
  • Jo Reid
  • Johanna Cotter
  • John Schofield
  • Jono Key
  • Jonothan Allen
  • Kamran
  • Karen Booth
  • Kate Thomas
  • Kath Watson
  • Katrina Richmond
  • Kevin Blight
  • Kris Hadley
  • Laura Maxwell-Hansen
  • Lee Parkinson
  • Lee Ann Morris
  • Liz Cartwright
  • Louise Bond
  • Louise Paul
  • Lucinda Sherbourne
  • Lyndsey Francis
  • Mark Reekie
  • Matt Bale
  • Matt McNeil
  • Matt O’Sullivan
  • Megan Clark
  • Melanie Reece
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Mike Fredricson
  • Mike Harland
  • Natasha Le
  • Nick Campbell
  • Nick
  • Nick Vile
  • Nick Ascough
  • Nicky Greville
  • Nicola Iguasa
  • Nigel Douglas
  • Nikki Grafton
  • Nina Bialostocki
  • Olly King
  • Parris Downey
  • Paula Adams
  • Penelope Burns
  • Rachel Allison
  • Rachel Leyland
  • Rebecca Houston
  • Rex Pearce
  • Richard Fenner
  • Richard Thompson
  • Robert Harvey
  • Sally Falconer
  • Sarah Beston
  • Sarah Febrache
  • Sean Keaney
  • Sean McCready
  • Sharon Daly
  • Simon Teagle
  • Siobhan McKenna
  • Sophia Quilian
  • Sorrel Davies
  • Spencer Bailey
  • Stacey Stephenson
  • Steve Clark
  • Stuart Lewis
  • Susan Browne
  • Susana Leitao
  • Suzanne Bull
  • Tamsin McDonnell
  • Tara Cowan
  • Tony Waite
  • Tracy Lee
  • Troy
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Zac Stephenson

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