Omnigraphics unveils another big ‘ole building wrap

When it comes to out-of-home, size matters. And New Zealand hasn’t seen anything too much bigger than the 23 metre wide and 54 metre high wrap that’s been stuck on to the Tower Building in Auckland. 

“The creative is superb, which has aided in having a striking end result,” says Omnigraphic’s general manager Steven Spear. “We worked closely with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, Ogilvy and DesignCraft to help us plan and install.”

Individual tiles were printed onto a specific adhesive by Omnigraphics and DesignCraft then used a team of abseilers to apply them to the windows.

Omnigraphics was also responsible for KPMG’s Passionate Partner campaign, along with Saatcho & Saatchi, which included 476 individual panels and is 32.5 metres across and 16.5 metres high.

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