From toilet paper scandal to toilet paper fashion

Your Song

Your Song


Gentle Waves

There’s been a bit of a hullaballoo in the loo paper industry this week after Asia Pulp and Paper subsidiary Cottonsoft was accused by Greenpeace of using Indonesian rainforest timber in its products. But while one manufacturer attempts to quell the consumer and retailer backlash, another is attempting to link itself with high fashion with the unveiling of this year’s Kleenex Cottonelle Couture Collection.

The project is a three-way partnership between Kimberly-Clark NZ, NZ Fashion Tech and New Zealand Fashion Week and the collection of three toilet paper dresses by NZ Fashion Tech students—‘Gentle Waves’ by 22 year old Aucklander Rachael Duval, ‘With a Twist’ by Wellington 17 year old Emily Menzies and ‘Your Song’ by North Shore 19 year old Juvena Worsfold—will strut their stuff among the big labels in the Designer Selection shows at Fashion Week.

All three of the dresses were offered for sale on Trade Me in July and the purchase came with the chance to have the dress made to measure in fabric and a front-row seat at the show at midday on Thursday September 1 in Shed 2, where the hand-over will take place.

KImberley-Clark’s Jason Biggs says all proceeds from the three Trade Me sales, which totalled $1070, went to the young designers, which was their first paid commission.



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