OMD gets a Bale out

Matt Bale, self-proclaimed media junkie, digital zealot, part-time fictional gangster and general manager at OMD Wellington, has confirmed he will be leaving the agency in September to take on “new challenges, etc.”

Bale, who has been with OMD for four-and-a-half years and was promoted to general manager in 2007 when OMD New Zealand, Media Direction OMD and Clemenger BBDO Wellington’s media department were brought under the one OMD New Zealand umbrella, says “it’s a good time move on to the next thing because the business is in good shape”. And, in news that will presumably disappoint the rumour mongers, he says he’s leaving on very good terms. It’s just time for a change, he says.

As for his future plans, he says nothing is cemented yet. He’s just keen for the usual combination of catching his breath and spending a bit more time with the fam. On the job front, he says there’s nothing specific to report yet, but he’s aiming to work somewhere in the digital space.

While digital has long promised the goods, it still hasn’t quite realised its potential. But Bale believes it is moving closer to the front of the pack fairly quickly in New Zealand so, for him, it’s the logical area to focus on. And, with the likes of Special Group and Orcon’s ‘living office‘ web banner (which gets Bale’s tick of approval) it seems the utility of digital and the ideas of advertising are finally starting to mesh.

But still, as Bale says “when you can do everything, anywhere, understanding the right thing to do at the right moment is important”.

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