Old Spice dances with wolves (and marketing)

It’s become something of a tradition to post the latest Old Spice ad, and while there have been a few misses, there have many been more hits in recent years. And Mr Wolfdog, Old Spice’s new predatory director of marketing, is definitely in the latter.  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPQmhlbxP-4Mr Wolfdog’s “first deed as Old Spice director of marketing is to tell the world that I am Old Spice’s Director of Marketing”, something achieved through a state of the art electronic voice translation collar. And his second is to make the new Old Spice Wild range “wildly successful among humans”, some of whom he will occasionally have to eat (“Sometimes you gotta eat people, America. That’s how business works.”). 

To do this, he made “a smart decision to create this popular website to show you all of my marketings and to sell you Old Spice Wild Collection smell products”. 

“Director Wolfdog brings a unique blend of professional, real-world experience and wild attributes that lend themselves perfectly to the fast-paced, innovative world of Old Spice,” says Marc Pritchard, global brand-building officer at P&G. “We look forward to tapping his unparalleled animal instincts to further enhance the launch of new Old Spice Wild Collection. We continuously strive to hire the most dynamic talent on earth, and given Director Wolfdog’s fierce track record, he is sure to be a force to be reckoned with at P&G.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvbnBq_LpewAs well as his personal Tumblr, he’s just released his first handy how-to video: ‘How to use computers successfully for business leaders of tomorrow today’. 

The campaign is completely mad, like many of the other campaigns by Wieden + Kennedy, and it could be construed as being a little too close to the bone for some because it pokes fun at the marketing industry and by extension P&G’s own marketing department. But many brands and marketers take themselves far too seriously—and that often leads to soul-destroyingly bland comms—so it’s always nice to see a brand take the self-deprecating approach and give business cliches a good slapping. 

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