Ogilvy print ad barks up the right tree

When the New Zealand Herald ran a story last week about the dangers of dogs playing fetch with sticks, Ogilvy & Mather jumped at the chance to produce some timely print advertising for its client Beneful.

Within two days the Herald had a ‘response story’ from Jess, a concerned five-year-old Border Collie from Christchurch. Jess’ article is an indecipherable mash of woofs, growls and yips which managed to pass under the nose of what we assume was a drunk sub-editor. Accompanying the ad is Beneful’s logo and tagline “Play. It’s good for you”.

The Herald’s original piece raises some important concerns about how owners might be doing their four-legged friends a disservice by playing catch with sharp sticks. However, it should be noted that Jess’ piece is neither for nor against playing fetch (although my Canine is a bit rusty).

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