Of war, golf and fertility

Three good’uns share the gold this week.

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Who’s it for: Sky TV by DDB and Prodigy Films

Why we like it: Despite the fact that Rugby World Cup games will be shown on a number of free to air channels after last year’s broadcasting palaver, Sky is still pushing its superior sports broadcasting abilities. And it’s doing it with a big, entertaining Full Metal Jacket-inspired number that puts its crack team of camerafolk through their paces.

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Who’s it for: ASB by Droga5 and Flying Fish

Why we like it: ‘Tis certainly a brave move for ASB and Droga5 to go down the sensitive IVF road to launch its rather large rebrand. But fertility issues are something plenty of New Zealanders can relate to. And, as well as showing the kind of specialised products ASB offers its customers in this well-cast and beautifully shot heartstring tugger, it also manages to humanise the bank, which is exactly what the new brand personality aims to achieve. Great song choice, too.

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Who’s it for: Tui by Saatchi & Saatchi and Goodoil films.

Why we like it: It’s based on a true story. It’s about extreme golf. It has lawnmowing in slow motion, golf club throwing and electric shocks. And it also features the dulcet tones of John Rowles. What’s not to like?

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