NZME tackles the economy in a new sponsored video series

For those who struggle to consume dry articles about the economy, it might have just been made a bit quicker and easier with NZME’s The Economy Hub, a content video series which is essentially a short weekly panel show tackling topical economic issues sponsored by HSBC.

Yesterday, NZME released ‘The Economy Hub’, hosted by business editor at large Liam Dann, who says the business community can look forward to a 10-minute weekly segment that will dissect and discuss the major announcements and happenings from around the world and local economies.

You can view the first episode here

“The Economy Hub is designed to shed light on the big economic issues that are important to all New Zealanders. Each week guest panelists will provide thought-provoking views and discussion on three topics which will appeal to the average homeowner as well as some of our largest companies,” he says.

A release says there will be about two or three invited experts from within the business community on the panel each week.

“Our invited guest panelists will be made up of key business experts offering a variety of economic and analytical commentary and will provide a deeper analysis of the big issues during the week. The panelists will alter each week ensuring we provide expert and appropiate discussion depending on the topics of the week,” Dann says.

In the first episode Dann was joined by economists Shamubeel Eaqub and HSBC’s Paul Bloxham for the first edition where they looked at the dairy industry, market meltdowns and the Reserve Bank.

While there were a couple of awkward ‘ums’, and we imagine any new project like this will have a few teething issues, it’s good to see a show (albeit a small one) where viewers can hear proper expert opinions on the economic climate.

The hustle and bustle of NZME’s new integrated newsroom can be seen in the background and the footage is intercut with graphs and information from sponsors HSBC.

StopPress contacted NZME to find out more on The Economy Hub but is awaiting a response.

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