Save it for later, says NZ Herald with its new website features

Browsing the New Zealand Herald website this morning for Pope stories, I came across a few new buttons that weren’t there the day before. Overnight the Herald has added features to make sharing on the site a little bit easier, with a major push towards read-it-later content.

The ‘quickread’ button on the frontpage gives users a preview of the story. They can then share it directly from the popup window or go deeper into the article, giving the site a second hit. The popup box has an emirate ad space.

Save buttons scattered throughout the site lets you bookmark stories to view later.

Taking a few pointers from Stuff, the Herald is promoting its user registration system to save stories and leaving comments. It’s good to see several login services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google available.

Stories have social media sharing tools right at the top of the page, including the new internal save button.

A Huffington Post-esque trending topics bar at the top of the site drives traffic to popular stories.

A Herald spokesperson says the company is sending out a press release later today about the changes.

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