NZ Breast Cancer Foundation launches unignorable campaign to encourage women to go for a mammogram

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and Colenso BBDO are marking October’s Breast Cancer Month with a lump that follows women around the internet until they get a mammogram.

Called ‘The Unignorable Lump’, the campaign was created on the basis that the longer women put off a mammogram, the greater the risk that breast cancer won’t be found early when it can be easily treated.

To spread the messgae, the lump uses a combination of retargeting banners and pre-roll across multiple platforms to follow a very specific audience of women aged between 40 and 69. It will keep following them until they click on the banner to book a mammogram.

In the release, executive creative director Steve Cochran explained the idea by referring to the feeling of being stalked around the internet by a pair of shoes trying to get the user to click ‘buy’.

“Much like that, this idea sees an annoying and slowly growing lump continually popping up to get women to click to book a mammogram. Seemed like a great way to use a now common media strategy – we hope women can’t ignore it.”

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation chief executive added that unlike most internet ads, this one will be the difference between life and death for some people.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world, the New Zealand foundation isn’t the only organisation taking an in-your-face approach to the issue.

Hoping to get Chicago women to go for a mammogram, Havas Chicago has created a ‘Boob Pit’ for a #CheckYoSelf campaign.

The Plexiglass room is full of breast resembling balloons and passersby are encouraged to go in and play with them. Not only will they get to play with the balloons, they will receive information on the importance of getting checked.


Image from AdWeek.


Client: Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand

CEO New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation: Evangelia Henderson,

Digital communications manager: Kim Barker

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Media Agency: Starcom

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