S7 Airlines pays tribute to Earth’s beauty

Russia’s S7 Airlines has released a beautiful spot that traverses the depths of the earth to the highest of points to celebrate the ‘best planet ever’.

“It is hard to describe this beauty in words,” the narration reads (in Russian) as the ad begins its tour through dark caves, jungles, oceans, ancient cities and the sky where birds fly in formation.

As well as natures own actions, the spot watches how humans interact with the planet, with a boy counting the time between a lightning strike and thunder, thrill seekers diving into the ocean, people cooking and explorers venturing into the wilderness.

70-seconds are spent exploring the sights and sounds of the earth and its inhabitants before zooming out to reveal the planet as a whole and the source of the narration – Cosmonaut Andrey Borisenko, who arguably has the best view of all.

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