NPA and Special Group aim to prove newspapers still work

A positive new campaign from the Newspaper Publishers’ Association will be launched this Friday as a refreshingly generous DM hits the desks of advertising agency executives.  The generosity involves a return trip for two to London for the advertising agency executive that gets most of his/her friends overseas to enter a competition for Kiwis living in London. 

The campaign is called ‘Kiwis Together’ and promotes the role newspapers and their online entities play in the emotional connection that Kiwis around the world have with New Zealand.

Starting Monday 17 October and running until Sunday 23 October, continuous headlines from NZ newspapers will be screened on a digital billboard in London, and Kiwis (or lovers of New Zealand) will be invited to have their photo taken in front of the billboard and post it on the campaign Microsite.  Those that can’t get to the billboard will be able to take a photo with next Wednesday’s issue of the London Metro, a free magazine with 2,020,000 London eyes every week.     A lucky draw from those who have entered will provide the winners with a return trip from London to New Zealand.  Meanwhile the campaign will invite advertising agency executives to give names of their friends in London and the one who encourages the most people to enter will win the return trip to London.

NPA CEO Tim Pankhurst said the campaign, devised by Special Group, grew out of research conducted for the NPA, by AC Nielsen, which demonstrated that New Zealanders overseas have a very strong emotional connection with their hometown newspaper, and the availability of those papers online meant that newspapers are now reaching a global audience rather than simply tapping into local readers.

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