Not exactly what you believe

French publication La Croix (translating to The Cross) struggles with the perception that its publication doesn’t cover serious issues and instead focuses only on religious topics. Admittedly, it is a Roman Catholic publication, and religious content certainly takes up some of the column inches, but the paper is on a mission to show that it might not be exactly what people think it is.

In a new ad campaign developed by BETC Paris, a bearded man clad in traditional robes is shown dropping to his knees and seemingly praying very enthusiastically. But then, with the viewer led to believe that the ad will be delivering some kind of religious message, the scene shifts to reveal that the religious man is actually watching football—illustrating that things aren’t always what they seem.

The point being made is that while La Croix also provides in depth coverage of sport, the ecomomy, culture and science, alongside articles on religion and spirituality.   


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