Ngage and Boxtcode harness consumers’ digits

QR codes have slowly started to infiltrate the local scene, but it’d be a stretch at this stage to say they’ve rocked the marketing world. Enter Boxtcode, patent-pending smartphone technology that aims to resolve the limitations of QR codes, with location-based technology that connects consumers with brands via a four digit code rather than a barcode that requires scanning.


“Instead of chasing a bus down the street holding up your phone to a QR code, you can simply enter the four digits you see by typing them in. If you forget the four digits, Boxtcode will help you find it. And our interface will also scan QR codes,” says Alan Nicholas of digital agency Ngage, which has partnered with Australian-based Boxtcode to bring the technology to New Zealand.

Using the Boxtcode iPhone or Android app interface, consumers enter a brand’s promotional code, which can then deliver a coupon or offer straight to their phone or launch a specific mobile site. 

“A consumer in Wellington can enter the same code as a consumer in Christchurch or Auckland. They’ve each seen the same code on a national ad or promotion, but will each be taken to the content most geographically relevant to them. This enables an incredibly targeted local promotion within a national campaign.”

Boxtcode also provides ROI metrics for tracking campaign success across media platforms, be it print, TV, radio or billboards.

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