Flip jumps on the cheap broadbandwagon, talks up free* broadband offer

Following a story in the Herald over the weekend about increased competition leading to a drop in broadband prices and increases in data allowances, new player Flip, a business in the CallPlus group of companies, and its agency Sugar&Partners decided to take the opportunity to link itself with the news and promote its offer of free* broadband with an ad in yesterday’s Herald. 

With a picture of the story in question and the line ‘Probably our fault’, Flip has doffed its cap to the classic Carlsberg ‘Probably‘ campaign. But its “free* broadband” is only free* in the sense that you need to pay $49.95 a month for a home line and, as part of that plan, you get 5GB of data a month (according to Consumer NZ’s Telme, the average NZ allotment is 10GB). Flip offers additional data packs online as and when customers need them, ranging from an extra 2GB for $5 to 40GB for $25, with unused data rolling over and not expiring for a year. And while a release said Flip had “trumped them all” with its offer, it’s pretty tight, with Orcon offering a 30GB deal and free national calling for $75, or unlimited data for $99. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL63N2CXjjQFlip has already shown its challenger brand stripes with a great campaign that showed how parts of Eastern Europe are getting cheaper broadband than in New Zealand. And, according to Scott Hoogerbrug, Flip’s head of marketing, a large percentage of New Zealand households are still using dial up, or at-times paying double what they should be for massive data plans they don’t use. 

*Not free. 

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