Newshub’s news consumption soars

Kiwis turn to trusted news sources in a time of crisis, and Newshub has seen phenomenal increases in average audience and share in the past week.

In the last seven days 1,939,700 people aged 5+ have viewed Newshub’s news properties – that’s all Newshub bulletins, Breaking News bulletins, The Project, The AM Show and Newshub Nation.  

The comparative average weekly data for the previous four week period is 1,345,900, an increase of 44 percent in viewership for the period since the first case was announced.

As for digital, Newshub digital (newshub.co.nz) news consumption has soared with page impressions and video viewing both up 75 percent in lockdown with audience increasing nearly 50 percent.

Viewing of news related content (VOD news bulletins and news reated live streams) on ThreeNow is up 126 percent. 

Newshub Director of News, Sarah Bristow says: “I feel proud that more and more Kiwis are turning to, and trusting Newshub to bring them up-to-the-minute coverage of Covid-19, while helping them to understand the impact it has on their lives and local communities.

“Our incredible team of award-winning journalists are meeting the insatiable thirst from our audience and we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have to deliver this vital information.”

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