New Zealand: Where you’d rather be

It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous quote. And this is something Corona clearly agrees with. 

The beer brand has created a short film, Corona Journey No.30, which follows the global surf photographers Morgan Maassen and Will Adler as they travel the Islands in search is the perfect wave. However, in a poetic way of showcasing New Zealand, the pair failed to find their desired waves and found instead that the journey is what they were really after.

The photographers’ full story can be read on Corona’s New Zealand website, fitting the existing “From Where You’d Rather Be” campaign that has been running on the site since 2008.

Last year Corona’s New Zealand brand manager Stephanie Quantrill told StopPress, ‘From Where You’d Rather Be’ is unique to Australia and New Zealand, and Corona work with Australian-based MC Creative to bring it to life in a meaningful way.

“The connection with surf was a natural fit with the Australian and New Zealand love of the coastline and the surfing culture,” she said. “The laid-back vibe and the moment with friends is the essence that Corona is attempting to capture.”

Corona Journey No.30 is the latest Corona Journey short film which have followed surfers, skateboards and skiers around the world.

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