‘Daddy daycare in my polo wear’

Last year, we were blessed with the brilliant piece of satire that is Activewear by content creators The Skit Box (and distributed via the Van Vuuren Bros YouTube channel). As the saying goes imitation is the best form of flattery—and imitation has arrived via Auckland Theatre Company (ATC). 

To spread the word about its new season and promote its new show Polo, ATC has released an equally hilarious video titled Polowear.

The sketch takes the Activewear model to satirise Auckland’s outrageously rich, highlighting the glamour that comes with wearing polo wear for anything and everything but a polo event. The sketch does well to grab the attention of any viewer, with the hope that it markets the play Polo. It’s encouraging to see the theatre company using its skills to satirising a piece of satire to better inform people about the satirical play (it’s kind of like a post-modern interpretation of a Matryoshka doll).

The play, Polo, is set to premiere on Thursday the 11th of February. A glossy summer satire that takes place in one of Auckland’s A-List clusters in Clevedon “for a glorious weekend of passes and pony shots”. Polo comes as the latest work by Dean Parker, who says he aims to “lift the lid on Auckland’s outrageously fortunate and filthy rich”.

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