New Zealand Story campaign showcases Kiwi ingenuity to the world

Nation branding government agency, New Zealand Story, has launched its Ingenious Together campaign this week with the aim to promote the ingenuity and unconventional points that set Kiwis apart on the global stage.

Targeting international businesses, the campaign shares with the world the unconventional traits of New Zealand’s weightless export sectors like technology, gaming, and creative industries.

The campaign has been informed by new qualitative research, a ‘Global Pulse Check’, by One Picture in June 2020, that revealed how global consumers have taken note of the way New Zealanders approach problems.

New Zealand Story director, Rebecca Smith, says the campaign strategically follows two high impact international campaigns ‘Made with Care’ by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and ‘Messages from NZ’ by Tourism NZ.

“New Zealand businesses are highly creative thinkers, restless, adventurous, and unbound by convention, which sees us thinking up brave new ways of addressing problems that other people never knew existed.

“While border closures have impacted some of our traditional export sectors such as tourism, our weightless export sectors such as technology, gaming, and the creative industries are very much open for global business.”

The international perception of New Zealand as a nation of problem solvers has seen a significant rise since Covid-19. Smith says we as a country have navigated a problem that very few nations could replicate as successfully.

“The pandemic has given us a highly salient proof point for our ingenuity, so the timing of this campaign celebrates and takes advantage of that.”

Featuring in the film, CEO of DJ software Serato Young Ly, says it’s great to have a team of problem solvers in New Zealand, given this crazy world and the new obstacles we constantly face.

“When you’re adaptive and have a can-do attitude you’re happy to try different solutions, you’re inventing to solve new problems.”

Other talents in the films include Helen Clark ONZ SSI PC, Hollywood actress and Jurassic World Trilogy star Bryce Dallas Howard, NASA scientist Delwyn Moller and former Apple and GoPro lead designer, Daniel Coster.

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