New World launches campaign to make New Zealand happiest country in the world

New Zealand is currently ranked as the eighth happiest nation in the world, coming in behind the likes of Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada and the Netherlands, according to the latest edition of the World Happiness Report.

While certainly a strong showing for our small island nation, New World doesn’t think it’s good enough and has launched a new campaign via Colenso BBDO premised on making New Zealand the happiest nation in the world.  

Alongside the endearing TVC, which rolled out last week, New World has also released a new online hub dedicated to making customers a little happier.

The hub has been populated with a collection of quirky GIFs and videos that are sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest Kiwi face. 

“We reckon we can be number 1,” says a short blurb on site.

“So we’re taking our friendly customer service to a whole new level, ensuring the 700,000 customers who visit us every week leave our stores a little happier. We believe that delight and happiness are contagious, and that together we can start something pretty special.”

Getting New Zealand to number one won’t, however, be as easy as putting a smile on Kiwi faces. The report compiled annually by the United Nations takes economics, psychology, survey analysis, national statistics, health, public policy and several other factors into account to determine which countries are the happiest. 

What’s interesting is that happiness isn’t necessarily proportional to the overall wealth of a country, as evidenced by the fact that Iceland still managed to make it into the top three despite weathering a major financial crisis in recent years.  

This year, was the first time that the report took into account the impact of inequality in distribution of well-being has on the levels of happiness. According to the report, inequality in wealth and income negatively impacts on the happiness of the people living in a country. And with this issue becoming more prominent in New Zealand in recent years, it could impact the overall level of happiness in the country. 

  • See the full report by the UN here.    

Client: Foodstuffs
Steve Bayliss, Group General Manager Marketing
Jules Lloyd-Jones, Group Brand Director
Jen Mariu, Sponsorship Manager
Amber Munro, Executive Assistant
Ravina Raju, Marketing Assistant
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Media Company: FCB Media
Production Company: Robber’s Dog


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