New service enters digital entertainment game

EzyFlix.tv is joining rival Quickflix by launching in New Zealand.

The Access Digital Entertainment service, which recently launched across the Tasman, lets users pay to view content on demand, or download it to own.

CEO Craig White says EzyFlix.tv has content deals with Hollywood studios and distributors including 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Roadshow Films, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers.

The service boasts a 2000-strong title library and plans to grow this five fold. It’s currently talking with other studios and distributors to do this, says White.

He likens the service most closely to iTunes, but says EzyFlix distinguishes itself from Apple’s service by being device and platform agnostic. “iTunes locks you into Apple devices. You can use our service online and you an download our player apps and use it on other devices as well.”

White adds it’s in local broadcasters’ interests to ensure major US TV series like Breaking Bad are available to services like his soon after they air locally, to “stop the leakage through illegal means”.

The company says it’s the first in New Zealand to offer UltraViolet, a cloud-based digital rights system for sharing. “[It] offers people a digital ‘locker’ and gives them the ability to share purchased UV content with up to five friends for free,” says White.

EzyFlix also provides ‘season passes’ to television shows including alerts to each episode’s availability immediately after broadcast. Alternatively, customers can buy TV episodes for $2.99.

New release movies in standard definition will start at $24.99 to own, with high definition files starting at $30. Older movies start at $8.99.

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