New Kiwi digital website aimed at Gen Z launches today

A digital content platform aimed at Kiwi teens, launches today.

Billie aims to fill the gap left behind by the likes of Creme, Girlfriend and Dolly Magazine. Covering verticals Culture, Style, Life and Wellness, Billie’s content will be relevant to the 13-20 age group.

Billie has been founded by former lifestyle and entertainment journalist, Fleur Mealing. “Growing up, magazines like Creme and Girlfriend were absolutely coveted by teenage girls, including myself. Sadly with the decline in the magazine industry over the years, these all disappeared,” says Mealing.

“I think it’s really important that this generation of Kiwi teens have a platform where they feel seen and heard – where their interests, questions and problems are being addressed. Your teenage years can be confusing and complex so having somewhere to turn is so vital,”

Fleur Mealing

“Billie was created with the concept of being an ‘older sister’ – someone who had been there, done that but was also still young enough to understand. A positive role model, fun and full of great advice.”

While some of the target demographic may still appreciate a physical magazine, Gen-Z have been digital natives since birth so it makes sense to be in a space they inhabit everyday.

The online platform launches with new interview columns, such as career series ‘How I Became’, which this week features Shortland Street star Rebekah Randell. Fleur is supported by Contributor and Resident Emo Lauren Kate Borhani, with big-sister yarns such as ‘Feeling Bleh? Do something productive!’, and Website Designer and Graphic Designer Rosie Manley of rose.tinted.

Billie’s content will be housed on billienz.com, however Instagram and Facebook will serve as communities for Kiwi teens to interact with Billie on social media.

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