New IdeaWorks incarnation keeps the momentum flowing with Beds R Us win

IdeaWorks closed its New Zealand doors in 2009 and said goodbye to eight staff and all of its clients, including the big Warehouse Stationery account. But it was officially reborn in March this year with Y&R Group as the new owner. And after a solid campaign to launch the new FCO retail brand in New Zealand, it has also been appointed as creative agency for Beds R Us after a three way pitch. 

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Youtube VideoAccording to the 2008 Agencies and Clients, the previous incarnation of IdeaWorks also worked with Beds R Us, but Nick Maltby, client service director at IdeaWorks, says the agency is now a very different beast.

“The team is excited at the challenge and are looking to making a difference for what is an already well recognised brand, and make Beds R Us stand out from the crowd.”

Maltby, who says the client didn’t want to release details about the incumbent “out of respect”, says the agency has some good momentum at the moment, with a few pitches on the go and some announcements about new business set to be made in the near future. And he says some clients within the Y&R NZ stable may also move across to IdeaWorks, which is able to “tap into a wealth of knowledge and resource” from IdeaWorks Australia (it utilised resources from the Sydney office for the FCO launch).

“With the ever changing and challenging retail environment, we needed to work with someone who was focused on retail marketing, and IdeaWorks ticked all the boxes,” says Beds R Us general manager Brett Wilson.

MEC, a division of the Y&R Group, will be handling media and channel planning/buying.

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