New documentary trailer from Fish&Clips

Fish&Clips have dived into the world of gaming with a vivid ‘in-universe’ documentary trailer for the launch of RocketWerkz and CEO Dean Hall’s latest survival video game. 

Director Jeff Wood at F&C directed ‘ICARUS: No Rescue’, an innovative documentary-style trailer immersing viewers in the deceptively familiar, yet alien world, that is Icarus. Combining live action and video game footage, players are introduced to terraforming gone wrong from the planet’s earliest prospectors. 

Wood says: “We framed this film as a real life documentary, so the characters had to be 100 percent authentic to pull this off. Our aim was to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, and capture their imagination by creating mystery and intrigue within the story. 

“Not your average first person adventure game ad, but that was the whole point – do the opposite of what is expected.”

A session based Player vs Environment game of up to eight co-op players or solo, players are immersed in a gritty sci-fi universe with limited-time drops in search of rare exotic matter. A savage wilderness is determined to wear players down, and those who don’t meet the deadline are left behind. 

Game Creator Hall adds: “Icarus was humanity’s greatest mistake. It was set to be a second Earth, the first planet was terraformed and colonised in space. 

“Unknown to us the exotic matter reacted and corrupted the planet’s terraforming, but once we realised their true value the exotics sparked an interstellar gold rush.”


Director: Jeff Wood
Producer: Blaine Stevenson
Executive Producer: Rachael Blampied
Production Company: Fish&Clips
DOP: Dave Garbett
Script Writer: Ian Sweeney and Henry Feltham
Sound Recordist: Mark Messenger
Production Design: Thomas Hamming
Costume: Camille Masterantonio
Post Production: MANDY VFX
Editor: Ben Chesters
Online: Leon Woods
Colourist: Matic Prusnik
Client: RocketWerkz

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