New code for prevetting liquor ads

anzaHear ye, hear ye! ANZA has announced a new code for prevetting liquor ads. It’s a serious thing that needs to be understood to the letter, so here’s the full press release:

The Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) new Code for Naming, Packaging and Labelling of Liquor becomes effective on 1st October 2009.  This code will complement the existing ASA Code for Advertising Liquor.

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) has the responsibility for prevetting liquor advertisements to ensure compliance with ASA Codes before media will accept the advertisement.  The prevetting system has been operated and administered by ANZA since 1993 providing approximately 250 ad approvals each year.  The voluntary user pays Liquor Advertising Prevetting System (LAPS) contracts the services of an independent, experienced consultant who has the responsibility to examine advertisements and provide comments to advertisers.  Ultimately ads are approved – or returned for further attention.

Prevetting of Liquor Promotions, including Naming (branding), Packaging and Labelling is a new system being introduced to assist liquor suppliers comply with the new Code.  The Liquor Promotions Prevetting System (LPPS) will provide advice to all companies and organisations on adhering to the Code.

LPPS will incorporate a system of Delegated Authorities (DA’s) appointed by their companies to approve minor promotions.  Major promotional activity will be referred to the LPPS prevetting consultant for approval.

The voluntary user pays LPPS is a major step in ensuring that the wider liquor industry complies not only with the Liquor Advertising Code, but also the Liquor Promotions Code.

ANZA’s Chief Executive Jeremy Irwin said that the system will be introduced concurrent with the ASA Code on 1st October 2009.

For further information, please contact ANZA [email protected]

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