New campaign from SkyCity

SkyCity has launched a new brand campaign, ‘Feel it’, with creative by Big Communications and media led by Wavemaker.

GM Marketing SkyCity New Zealand, Jon Spittle says it’s a great time to remind Aucklanders and visitors from all over New Zealand that SkyCity offers a range of memorable experiences.

“This campaign celebrates the feelings we create for the people that come here. A delicious meal, a relaxing massage or yoga class, a walk around the outside of SkyTower, or a jump off it, a stay in one of our hotels, or a night at the roulette table; all of these activities create memorable feelings.”

The new campaign, with online video and large format outdoor as the lead channels, will sit above SkyCity’s other advertising and promotional activity.

Spittle says: “We do a lot of retail work that drives visitation. I wanted this campaign to be unencumbered by detail and instead take a powerful emotional position for the brand.”

Big’s Creative Director, Joe Holden says: “The idea unifies the many and varied parts of SkyCity under the many and varied feelings they create. And speaking of feelings, we had two fun-filled, and at times dizzying, days shooting footage and stills all around a very busy SkyCity. 

“Many thanks to the SkyCity team for making it happen and to the weather gods for turning it on. We had a blast. Hopefully – other than what we’ve said here – the work speaks for itself.”

Wavemaker Managing Director, Grant Anderson says: “There is so much to love about SkyCity, and this bold campaign will bring it to life. We are proud of the innovative approach that will help this campaign stand out.”


Client: SkyCity New Zealand

Agency: Big Communications

Media Agency: Wavemaker

Film Company: Bunker

Photography: Adpix

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