Dementia Auckland encourages Kiwis to Light the Darkness

The longest night of the year is fast approaching, so Quantum Jump and Dementia Auckland have collaborated to create a fundraising campaign focusing on a moment of joy at one of the most challenging times: a light in the darkness.

Dementia Auckland CEO, Martin Bremner says: “Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of focus on the losses of dementia. But the reality is people with dementia can still enjoy life. Even if they live in the moment, it’s still possible for them to live a life of pleasure and joy. That’s the core of our Light in the Darkness fundraising appeal.

“We need fundraising support to help us deliver on growing need for information, support, education and living well services, for both those suffering from dementia, and their families and support networks. This campaign is a really important part of that.”

CEO of Quantum Jump, Ben Goodale says: “Martin came to us with the core thought of the longest night of the year, and the team have worked hard in a short period of time to spectacularly bring the idea of ‘Light in the Darkness’ to life and create a multichannel digital led campaign to support the fundraising push.”

The engaging digital led campaign, delivered in a short space of time, features a 15” animated TVC on TVNZ OnDemand and across social with a 6” cutdown, plus social digital advertising and PR.


Dementia Auckland

Martin Bremner – CEO

Lisa Burns –  GM Marketing

Nikki Purvis Schischka –  Marketing Coordinator

Kahu Iupati – Events and Fundraising Manager

Quantum Jump

Wayne Pick – Creative Director

Drew Ayers – Creative Director

Justin Biddle – Digital Developer

Emma Rogers – Project Manager

Craig Murray – Motion Graphics

Ben Goodale  – CEO


John Baker – CEO

Lassoo Media

Tom Black – Senior Digital Account Manager

Breathe PR

Sarah Jesson – Director

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