Nearly 3.4m Kiwis tune into commercial radio

The New Zealand Commercial Radio Industry has today released the S1 2023 GFK Radio Audience Data revealing that more than 3.65 million Kiwis tune in to radio on a weekly basis and nearly 3.4 million actively engage with commercial radio.

Alistair Jamison, CEO of the Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA), expressed his enthusiasm for these findings, stating: “This is the first release of audience data since I started in this role, and I am excited to use this point in time to celebrate the strength of the entire radio industry in Aotearoa.”

Jamison acknowledged the connection between New Zealanders and radio, emphasising its vital role in informing and entertaining the nation with its talent and world-class content.

“This latest audience data demonstrates the strength of the relationship that New Zealanders have with radio. New Zealand is informed and entertained by amazing talent and world class content on a daily basis.”

He highlighted the recent Hawkes Bay flooding as a testament to radio’s significance, showcasing its ability to foster personal relationships with everyday New Zealanders.

“The recent Hawkes Bay flooding demonstrates the vital role that radio plays in communities across the motu. Other media do not have this depth of personal relationship with everyday New Zealand.

“The latest data shows Radio maintaining a reach and time spent listening advantage over other key media such as Television**, but I encourage advertisers to look beyond the audience metrics and consider what opportunity exists with this highly engaged audience.”

He says for advertisers, radio is “flexible and responsive” meaning brand messaging can get to market efficiently.

“It is also a very cost efficient channel both from a media perspective and relatively speaking from a production perspective, and that is important for many advertisers. Also I think that radio has shown remarkable consistency in terms of audience delivery. Overall audiences are very stable as per the latest data, so advertisers and agencies can be confident they are getting what they pay for at a time when their budget may be under pressure.”

He adds that radio, along with the wider audio industry, possesses the requisite audience base and diverse offerings to address a wide range of advertisers’ needs, spanning from brand building to performance-driven campaigns that yield tangible business results.

Leon Wratt, Director of Content at MediaWorks, celebrated the remarkable growth in radio listenership.

“More Kiwis are listening to radio and for longer,” he says. “This is a fantastic result and shows radio continues to be a highly engaging and trusted medium, as well as one of the most cost-effective ways for brands to reach audiences wherever they are.” Wratt’s remarks underscored the enduring appeal of radio as a trusted and captivating medium that consistently delivers value to both listeners and advertisers.”

New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) is celebrating its growth, along with the overall growth of commercial radio audience numbers across all networks since the last survey with its radio network increasing from 37.7 percent to 38.1 percent.

Newstalk ZB remains the leading commercial radio station in the country, further expanding its overall audience share to 15.7 percent. The Mike Hosking Breakfast show retains its top position, attracting close to half a million listeners and capturing a 23.3 percent share of the breakfast audience.

Fletch, Vaughan, and Hayley from ZM have achieved their highest audience ever. Additionally, The Hits has continued its recent growth momentum, increasing its audience share and reaching its largest audience in history, with 452,000 listeners tuning in.

Jason Winstanley, Chief Radio Officer at NZME, commended the power of commercial radio across New Zealand and the industry’s positive trajectory.

“More Kiwis are listening to radio and for longer. This is a fantastic result and shows radio continues to be a highly engaging and trusted medium as well as one of the most cost effective ways for brands to reach audiences wherever they are.”

Michael Boggs, NZME Chief Executive Officer, says today’s numbers are great for the industry overall, and NZME is pleased to be continuing its progress towards its 2023 strategic targets for its audio platforms.

“It’s fantastic to see commercial radio across the country performing so strongly, demonstrating the strength across New Zealand’s broadcast and digital platforms.”

With millions of avid listeners and a diverse range of content offerings, the industry remains an integral part of the nation’s media landscape, providing unparalleled opportunities for advertisers to connect with an engaged audience.

**Think TV, Nielsen Television Audience Measurement All 5+ Jan – Mar 2022

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