Name Suppression Services: Project to those who want it, protect against those who don’t

Protecting your brand is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Yet many companies are still trying to communicate with people who don’t want to hear from them. The Marketing Associations Name Suppression Service is a dependable way to guarantee you’re projecting your voice without damaging your brand.

The Name Suppression Service (NSS) offers data which is connected to individuals on Do Not Mail, Do Not Call and Deceased lists. The MA has an exclusive deal with the registrar of births, deaths and marriages and is the only place in New Zealand to offer the NSS in its format.

Keith Norris, independent consultant to the Marketing Association, says subscribing to the NSS is a no brainer for companies who want to protect their reputation.

“I cannot understand any company who really respects their brand not being a subscriber to the name suppression service. It is so important to make sure you’re communicating to the people that want to hear from you, and aren’t communicating with the people that don’t want to hear from you.”

The NSS is handled by the MA rather than a government body like most countries.

“ The MA decided a long time ago that the service would be better provided by someone in the industry, that meant we had control over it, made sure it was used properly, and how we could best service the wider industry with the lists.”

The data lists can be purchased separately or together, while the MA offers their own education and management so all subscribers can make the most out of the data provided.

“The major job of all our subscribers is to develop a data base of customers and prospects so they can deliver their products and services in a way that fits their brand. The job of the MA’s NSS is to help them avoid sending that information to people, not necessarily to people who don’t want that brand, but to people who don’t want to be communicated with via mail or phone.”

The Do Not Call list includes over 160,000 records, Do Not Mail sits at over 100,000 records, and the Deaths list sits at a rise figure of 400,000. So with over 600,000 Kiwis who don’t want to be contacts there is plenty of risk a business can face by still contacting these individuals.

“It is well known that if someone gets frustrated with a company, they will tell their neighbours, friends and family,” says Norris. “They will tell these people 16 times more if they are upset with an organisation, than if they’re pleased with it. In this world of technology we sometimes forget how important word of mouth is in terms of extolling our brands or products.”

Norris uses a personal example, where a grieving widow came to talk to him personally after the company had sent a life insurance mailer to her dead husband.

“Word of mouth contact is very important, and that human connection is such an important part of marketing, and is the part we have the least control over. Unless we’re making sure we’re not talking to people who don’t want to be talked to, we’re damaging our brand.”

The MA also offer alongside this a Data Warranty register which helps businesses not only set up the customer data, but the way in which it is managed, transcribed and transferred. The service is there to help manage all parts of the customer data.

The MA is offering all StopPress readers an exclusive offer. Talk to Debbie Curtz [email protected],nz to find out more.

For questions, get in touch with Keith Norris – [email protected]

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