NZME releases new show to battle misconceptions of miscarriages

Miscarriage’s have long been a topic shunned away from the community, yet the taboo placed around this special kind of loss often makes it harder for families who suffer from a miscarriage. Now NZME has introduced Misconceptions, which is aimed at creating greater understanding around the sensitive topic.

The 10-part documentary series showcases six couples all dealing with their own hidden pain. They are joined by broadcasters Stacey Morrison, Miriama Kamo and funeral director Kaiora Tipene.

The Hits Drive co-host, Stacey speaks frankly about the hidden pain of miscarriage and the reluctance to talk openly about it. 

“At the 12-week scan, the radiographer said that there was no heartbeat, but because I’d had two children, I could see this doesn’t look right. How come we can’t see a heartbeat?” 

Kaiora Tipene from TV’s “The Casketeers”, shares the moment she told husband the baby had miscarried. “So, you get on the phone and you tell your husband and you say ‘Hon, this is what’s happening. We’re not having a baby anymore.” 

Director and producer Charlotte Wanhill and writer Kathryn Van Beek say the aim of Misconceptions, made by ‘Digital Alchemist’ and funded by NZOnAir, is to bust myths about miscarriage, provide information, and let grieving parents know that they are not alone. 

 Each episode of the 10-part video series will be released weekdays daily from tomorrow (Monday 22 June) on the NZ Herald website at www.nzherald.co.nz/MisconceptionsNZ. 

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