MyTax.co.nz brings back energised moustache man, aims to reunite Kiwis with their money

Tax season is upon us, and in its stead it brings long complicated IRD forms, scary non-compliance letters and a slew of advertisements that promise tax refunds. These marketing campaigns extend across all available channels and offer users a faster means by which to complete the sometimes arduous process of applying for a tax refund.

Over the last few years, MyTax.co.nz has been one of a handful of companies encouraging Kiwis to look into whether or not they qualify for a tax refund—and this year is no different. 

In its latest campaign, the company has brought back the energised moustached protagonist from its previous campaigns in a new series of spots that illustrate how a tax refund can reunite you with your money.


The campaign, developed by Christchurch-based creative agency Plato Creative and brought to life by the production expertise of Ruffell Production, follows on from last year’s creative, which first introduced audiences to the the man in the blue suit: ‘MyTax Man’,  ​who goes to great lengths to reunite Kiwis with their tax refunds.

And according to MyTax.co.nz chief executive Lester Binns, the campaign is already paying off. Binns says that since the launch of the campaign, MyTax.co.nz website traffic has increased by over 60 percent compared to the same time last year while 2015 has seen a drastic increase in mobile traffic of over 140 percent, which points to a strong correlation between consumers watching the MyTax TVCs and checking out the mytax.co.nz website on their smartphones.

Plato Creative was brought in to rework MyTax.co.nz’s branding in 2014, and developed a look and feel for the brand, which, according to the creative agency’s website, “positions them [MyTax.co.nz] as the ‘heroes’ of the tax industry.

This years theme ​of ‘getting you and your money back together’ ​is ​an​ ​evolution of last years heroic campaign, with the ​’MyTax man’ ​mascot serving as the link between a collection of forlorn Kiwis and an anthropomorphic wad of cash..

The campaign also includes radio ads, but these were created by Windup Bird, the one-man agency run by John Ferriss that launched MyTax.co.nz’s first TV campaign back in 2013, before the account shifted across to Plato Creative.

In addition, the campaign has also been rolled out across mobile, social and digital channels. 

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