A guide to gluten intolerance

JP Sears is an infinite pool of spiritual wisdom. Through his YouTube channel you can learn ‘How to Make Real Friends’, ‘How to Become Ultra Spiritual’, ‘How to Become a Vegetarian’ and more.

Here are just a few tips from his ‘How to become Ultra Spiritual’ video including, judging other people to be less spiritual than you which makes you a better person than them, claiming to be using intuition when you’re actually thinking about things “False intuition isn’t true intuition until you get other people to believe your claims are actually true”, using an “exaggeratedly” light tone of voice and holding eye contact for awkward lengths of time.

Sears has released a number of these videos on his YouTube channel over the past year, offering a world of advice on how to be as spiritual as possible, one of our favourites is ‘How to become Gluten Intolerant’: “Being gluten intolerant used to be limited only to those who are actually intolerant to gluten. But you too can be gluten intolerant regardless of whether you’re actually intolerant or not.”

And not surprisingly, hippie-intolerant Paul Henry is a fan, sharing one of JP Sear’s videos on his Twitter page.

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