Music down, respect up

A Danish brewing company, Tuborg, is tackling excessive drinking by turning the music down.

It’s released Beer Plugs, cleverly named ear plugs in the shape of a pint, to hand out to festival goers and people at clubs to remind them to drink with respect.

According to the campaign, not only does louder music affect your hearing, it makes you drink more and faster. So, by turning the volume down, Tuborg hopes people will slow down their drinking.

The drink with respect messaging follows a video released earlier this year that asked festival goers what they drink with respect for.

Responses included enjoying the taste and not the alcohol, the hangover and fellow humans, while two men got real about not wanting to embarrass themselves or get into trouble. One was joined by his sister at the festival and the other was cautious of the fact he’s friends with his mum on Facebook.

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