Movember’s hairy memories to live on as Schick and Y&R immortalise the mo

During the annual hirsute pilgrimage that is Movember, many participants become quite attached to their new lip slugs. So, to ensure that the memory lives on, Schick and Y&R have created a Facebook campaign called Mount your Mo to not only reward the dedicated men of New Zealand for their efforts, but, through the wonder of taxidermy, to “allow them to keep their pride without prejudice”. 

“Movember is a month of glory and gratification, but no matter how well you grow your facial feat, at the end of the month—due to societal, marital or facial irritation—the majority of men are made to lose the mo,” says a release. “‘Mount Your Mo’ is preserving the efforts of deserving men across the nation, through the taxidermisation of worthy moustaches grown for a worthy cause. These moes will be stuffed, mounted and returned to Movember men wall ready. Where they choose to display their immortalised moustache—or more accurately who they choose to offend there after—is solely down to them.”

Next year? Rogue moustache taxidermy.

And speaking of Movember, Nick Offerman has returned with some helpful advice to ensure the inbetweeners make it through this difficult period. 



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