Craftsmanship … style … burritos

In a campaign announcing the release of the Moto 360 smartwatch, Motorola has aimed a satirical barb at the tropes that have so long provided content for cliched advertisements dedicated to high-end timepieces. Extreme closeups, slow-motion cinematography, snooty classical music and the soothing murmurings of an unseen narrator all combine to give each spot the look and feel of a standard watch ad. But just when it looks as though things are going to follow the usual script, things take a rather unexpected and very modern turn.

In each of the ads, a pair of usual power words—precision, power, craftsmanship, style—is followed by a seemingly incongruent word that is introduced through a notification on the smartwatch. So while the campaign is all about sophistication in the beginning, it ends on the note of burritos, Tinder, and winky face martini glass party thing.           

In addition to these quirky spots, Motorola has also released a few serious video clips that provide a glimpse at how the watch was made and what it does.  

And the company has also adopted a humorous approach when it comes to its other products. In a clip, which showcases the various ways in which the Moto X smartphone can be personalised, a scientist is seen responding in real time to the whims and fancies of a man called Ben.    

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