Monopoly Auckland Edition gets hashjacked, Auckland-centric hilarity ensues

Monopoly – the game that destroyed a thousand families – is launching a new set based on Auckland. In a fine piece of democratic consultation, the city planners for Monopoly Auckland Edition asked the public for idea suggestions through Facebook and email. As with all things internet, if it can be #hashtag mocked, it will be – as was the case yesterday and today with the #AucklandMonopolyCards hashtag.

The trending topic has provided hours of fun for those of us pretending to be working at the office, utilising jokes most Aucklanders would get.

Although some might say the crowdsourcing campaign backfired (although as far as we can tell it was never officially on Twitter), but I’m willing to bet the marketing folks at Parker Brothers are cherishing all this free publicity.

Here are 11 of our favourite #AucklandMonopolyCards hashtags, feel free to add your own in the comments:

Cheeky journalist is cheeky:

The obligatory Kim Dotcom reference:

Technically this one is for Rotorua, but we won’t let facts ruin a good joke:

This one’s a bit meta:

Poor little Wellington, it wants to play too:

And the overall grand champion tweet is this beauty:

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