Modelling meaningful messages

Play-Doh and DB Paris are taking its fans, young and old, into the world of Play-Doh with a new campaign that links the toy clay with topical issues.

A series of posters have been created reading: ‘In the world of Play-Doh, if there is one thing that has never been a problem, it is definitely the mix of colours’, ‘In the world of Play-Doh, when asked “is it possible to survive a head transplant?”, the answer is “yes”‘ and ‘In the world of Play-Doh you don’t see dozens of species disappearing daily. Rather it’s the other way around’, have been released with the hope of appealing to both kids and their parents.

While they capture the imagination of children, the ideas also address the more mature topics of race relations, technological innovation and environmental disaster.

The imagery and text were all moulded by hand out of Play-Doh, which saw the team use 948 pots of the stuff.

Starting with drawing, they created 71 characters, 15 trees and 25,438 blades of grass all carefully positioned in front of the camera.

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