Mobile music

How do you promote the launch of 'Europe's first fully-digital mobile bank'? You connect 227 mobile devices together and get a 60-strong orchestra to play a digital version of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen

As The Atlantic wrote: 

As all good ads do, it blends commercialism and artistry to great effect. What's remarkable about this particular performance of the symphonic opera is that, if you took away the visuals, it would be extremely difficult (impossible, this only-occasional symphony-goer would say) to tell the difference between this performance of Carmen and, say, the Vienna Philharmonic's performance of it using analog instruments. So much of what we hear — so much of the culture we now consume — is digitally mediated. To the extent that the lines between the creation of artistic products and the dissemination of them become blurred. The musicians here are demonstrating what all professional musicians do: talent, practice, deft management of musical tools; what, ultimately, makes the orchestra aided by smartphones so different from the one using analog instruments? 

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