Auckland Transport embraces the art of distraction

As evidenced by campaigns like Push to Add Drama, Carlsberg's entertaining trickery and, more locally, Pedigree's Donation Glasses and the Metservice see-through billboard, campaigns that exist in the real world can be seen by many more as a result of online magnification. And Auckland Transport, Val Morgan, Work Communications and Zoomslide are hoping to do just that with a stunt in a movie theatre that aimed to illustrate how deadly distractions can be when driving. 

‘Kiiler Joke’, which launched last week with a live performance at the release of Hangover 3 at Sylvia Park, mirrors the start of a short film and played in a solus position before the start of the movie. During the commercial an actor interrupts the audience, distracting them to turn and listen to a joke. And at the end of the joke the distracted driver on screen is involved in an accident.

​The other short film was called 'Music to die for'. 

Suzie Lamborn, sales director at Val Morgan, says it captured the attention of moviegoers, who reacted with surprise, talked with people around them and in one session the clapped afterwards.

“We’re excited to bring the distractions campaign to life highlighting the critical message of distracted driving and the impact it can have on our roads," she says. "We have worked in collaboration with Work Communications from the inception of this campaign and we knew that it would have a massive impact on the audience. It was perfectly timed with the release of the blockbuster ‘The Hangover 3’, a hilarious comedy with a male skewed fan base, which is an ideal fit with the core target audience. The distractions campaign highlights again how brands can leverage innovative creative thinking and literally bring ideas to life in the cinema environment.”

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