Moa shouts Olympics from the rooftops

Of all the NZ Olympic sponsors,
Moa is perhaps the most unlikely, given its oft-controversial approach
to marketing and the fact that it’s, well, beer, a substance not
particularly well-renowned for improving athletic performance. But even
though the NZOC is an organisation renowned for taking things pretty
seriously, Moa, which celebrated a solid medal haul of its own recently, has still been able to have a bit of fun with its sponsorship activity. 

Moa marketing manager Sunil Unka says its Shout a NZ Olympian a Moa promotion
has started very well, with the campaign, which was developed by
Gladeye and employed the services of Young & Shand for advertising
support, getting over 2,000 new likes already and there’s another eight
weeks still to run.

The Facebook app asks users to shout a Kiwi Olympian a beer and leave
a message of support, with one winning shouter getting a pallet of Moa
Original (132 x 12 packs = 1,584 beers or 522.72L). Second place wins
half a pallet and third place wins quarter of a pallet and while the
shout is “a virtual beer that only exists in computerland”, each
Olympian will actually receive a special Moa Olympic Edition Magnum with
all the messages of support enclosed.

of today, Valerie Adams is leading the race, with Shane Archbold, Ethan
Mitchell, Alison Shanks and Mahe Drysdale close behind. And as some of
Unka’s favourite messages show, the support is flowing: ‘MATE! Spray one
of these over the competition when you’re standing on the podium. Or,
just drink it’, ‘Drink this beer and burp bubbles like fish
underwater!”, ”Marry me? But I love you. Have a beer and then decide.
Hold me.”, or “Smash that little steel ball like it owes you money!”

For those lacking inspiration, there’s also a generic message generator.

Moa is also following in the footsteps of its fellow sponsors with a more traditional ‘win a trip’ promotion, with the Qualify for London
campaign offering anyone who buys Moa a chance to head to London with a
friend (flights thanks to Unka’s old haunt grabaseat), stay in a fancy
hotel and attend the beach volleyball, swimming, hockey, athletics and
track cycling. Over 15,000 entry forms have gone out, which according to
Unka’s mathematical brain “would fill an Olympic sized swimming pool”.

The creative
was done by Projector and the ads/postcards depict Will Hall and Jordan
Mauger filling the potentially vacant spots on the NZ Olympic team in
rhythmic gymnastics (gear provided by Unka’s sister who was into
rhythmic gymnastics as a kid growing up in the Tron), wrestling (in the
Moa cycling bib shorts, package enhancers not included) and synchronised

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